Media Owner MasterClass 2018

The Winning Team

Group 5

Here’s what our judges have to say about the winning team:

“The team that won clearly had the confidence to offer a strong digital proposal based on their VERY OWN media assets.
This was what I was looking for as we set out to see local traditional media owners innovate and package their digital efforts and present them as a PRIMARY asset rather than a “by the way”. Kudos to the winning team.” — Shabirin Ariffin, Nets

“The team came to the table with a couple of scenarios which the client really appreciated. They also shared interesting and relevant ideas beyond Paid media as well as demonstrated where they could add value through negotiations and partnerships. Overall, a well thought through and creative solution that showed their passion and desire to win. ” — Sharon Soh, IPG Mediabrands APAC

“The winning team displayed sound strategic thinking, relevant consumer and media insights in coming up with a strong media plan that delivered fresh thinking of their own media assets. They demonstrated confidence in their recommendations and was brave enough to put ‘skin in the game’ by adopting a “test, learn, and optimise’ approach that included stretching and re-inventing the value of their own media assets.” — Yvonne Low, Talent Detective (former Senior Director, Marketing McDonald’s SG)


“This Masterclass for media owners was a timely one with the digital disruption age rapidly catching on. It’s encouraging to see the participation by the traditional big names at this session. Now the true work begins with local media owners taking a bold step in the need to innovate their game plan to be more out of the box by exploring collaborative digital executions with clients. It’s not about digitizing traditional platforms but really about a digital first mindset in offerings to the client. Local media owners are already at an advantage with their current strength in knowing the local flavor, having great content/ editorial production expertise plus the strong local audience. Looking forward to exciting times ahead.” — Shabirin Ariffin, Nets

“Given the short lead time, I was impressed with the quality of thinking from all the teams. Every team demonstrated application of what they learnt during the course of the training and it was clear that everyone put in a lot of effort into producing their solution and presentation. I also saw great teamwork from across the different organisations!”Sharon Soh, IPG Mediabrands APAC

“I am glad to have the opportunity to judge at the pitch day.  As a former marketeer, I was very encouraged to see that the participants of this masterclass display their desire to apply more rigour in their media planning process beyond their own media platforms. In addition, they made good effort to get out of their own comfort zone of traditional media inventory selling, into more holistic media solutioning in their pitch proposal. Whilst some were braver to push boundaries and others were a little more conservative, they all made great effort to open their minds to new ways of doing things that is more relevant and effective! Good job to all the teams! 

All the judges agreed that in order for the participants to really fully apply their learning from the masterclass and progress to be better platform solution providers to their clients, they need to share with their Senior Management team what they have learnt and what are the areas of opportunities they should explore to do reinvent their current media offering and solutions. Only then, would local media owners and their suite of integrated offerings will be within the consideration zone and media mix of advertisers”  — Yvonne Low, Talent Detective (former Senior Director, Marketing McDonald’s SG)

“I walk out from this training with the improved knowledge and understanding on how the agency works and deals with the client’s campaign; from their brief till the measurement of the end results. As a media owner, this training has definitely provided the needed insights for better communication and collaboration between media owners and agencies.” — Russ Lim, Mediacorp

 “My biggest take away is how Innovations can recreate the environment and how people perceive the media/proposal.” — Carol Chen, Singtel

“Great to know colleagues from different organisation. Get to learn from each other. Good interaction to know about the new way of proposing and expectations from clients.” — Patricia Peh, SPH

“Provides a good insight and understanding of the media landscape and the evolutions.” — Daryl Chua, XCOMedia+