IAS Careers Fair 2020

The Institute of Advertising Singapore (IAS), will hold its annual Careers Fair at Drama Centre (Level 3, National Library) March 10, 2020 from 3pm to 8pm.

Careers Fair is an annual event that introduces a new generation of talent to the full spectrum of career opportunities in the advertising, marketing and communications industry. By showcasing employers who are agile, digital first, consumer-centric, data-informed, multi-platformed and creatively excellent, we can appeal to a diverse audience of possible new recruits. Through the past events, we’ve enlisted students from traditional courses as well as those from a wide range of backgrounds (Engineering, Maths, Computer Sciences, Statistics, Economics etc.) to attend our annual showcase of the best and most diverse marketing, advertising and communications employers in Singapore.

Format of the event

  • Booth Space – Each employer will be allocated a booth space to design as they like to showcase their organizations and interact with the student attendees. They can bring their best & brightest talent to interact with the students, collect CVs and contact details to allow follow up with future prospects after the event
  • Creative Speed Chat segment – Employers share their criteria for students they would like to meet and we will work with the schools to nominate their students to present their portfolio to Creative Directors in a short 10-15 min timeframe. Employers can choose to follow up with any high potential students after the show
  • Fire Side Chat – For Careers Fair 2020, we will be introducing the Fire Side Chat. There will be four sessions. Each session will have an industry expert who will share his or her views, experiences and provide latest information on the developments in the industry to a small audience in an informal and cosy setting

Post event

Employers can choose to extend an exclusive invitation to the student attendees for an open house tour at their agency and we will assist with the relevant contact details.


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