IPA Commercial Certificate 2017 (CLOSED)

Event date: 01 Jun 2017

Written by the IPA Finance Policy Group, this qualification has been created to give future industry leaders an education in agency finance, to help with those important client conversations and to build the understanding that you need to create great work that delivers a great profit.


The IPA Commercial Certificate trains delegates in the numbers behind advertising. The toolkit this qualification provides will help delegates understand the financial end of marketing, accurately demonstrate value return of the agency-client relationship and, ultimately, be better placed to secure buy-in from clients.


Areas covered are:

  • The language of finance and reporting structures, including stages within the financial planning and reporting process
  • Remuneration models, contracts and negotiation
  • Creative Agency specific issues, including new business and TV production
  • Media Agency specific issues, including credit insurance, the client approval process and media bookings
  • Understanding your client’s profit and loss, and identifying where your agency can add value


Commencement Date: TBC

Mode of Instruction: 8 hours of online learning culminating in a 30 minute online exam

Course Requirement: All delegates are required to sit for the 30 minute online exam (at a time of their choosing), at the end of their online learning to gain the certificate

Recommended Audience: Primarily Account Managers and Account Directors in creative and media agencies. Although anyone dealing with money in an agency would find this useful

Course Fees: $525 (IAS Members), $730 (Non IAS Members)

For more information, email us at courses@ias.org.sg now!


IPA Commercial Cert 2017