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Great Minds See New Possibilities - Celebrating Those Who See Things Differently

The slightest turn of a kaleidoscope is able to create an exquisite moment and a mesmerizing sight. In the same manner, exceptional creativity often only happens to those who are able to turn just a fraction of their minds to see things in a different way.

The Hall of Fame Awards 2016 honours the craft and talent of a selection of individuals and agencies who do just that.

These are the people who see what everybody has seen, but thinks what nobody has thought.

The people who drive the industry forward. The people who take the unlikeliest of pairings and reassemble them into new possibilities.

Their work goes beyond the industry’s admiration and becomes so brilliant, it alters the way we see the world.

These people didn’t just survive the frenetic world of advertising; they thrived in the most extreme of conditions to come out as rarities that are truly deserving of recognition. This year, we celebrate them as valuable contributors to the country’s definitive brand of thinking.

Congratulations. All the pressure was worth it.

Hall of Fame Awards

For the last 16 years the IAS Hall of Fame Awards has been the most sought after and coveted show in Singapore for one reason.


It is the only advertising award show that focuses on the people behind the work. It celebrates the late nights, long weekends and endless hours of craft to make something that pushes the industry forward.

It is their determination and vision to see what others don’t and create something new, exciting and unique out of nothing. These are the people we want to say thank you to, for not only creating the work that we say “I wish I did that” but work that attracts the next generation of great minds.


In the run up to the 2016 Hall Of Fame Awards, nominees from various categories will be profiled across the properties of our various media partners (e.g. The Edge, Style Magazine, Mediacorp OOH media, SMRT OOH media).

Academy of Judges

The Hall of Fame Award (HOF) winners are selected by a distinguished panel of the industry’s most respected practitioners across a range of disciplines. The Academy of Judges appointed by the IAS comprises marketing and advertising heads, leading industry practitioners and key representatives of consumer, media, production and research services.

The robust judging criteria ensures that the finest talent and work in our industry which meets the hallmark of innovation, creativty and effectiveness are recognised.


The Hall of Fame Awards 2016 (HOF) welcomes nominees and submissions for the awards from agencies and client companies within Singapore.

Winners will each receive the IAS Hall of Fame “Star” trophy.

There will be only one trophy awarded and a maximum of five finalists for each award category.

Gala Presentation

Winners will be announced at the Hall of Fame Awards (HOF) Gala Dinner presentation, at Gardens by The Bay – Flower Field Hall on Thursday, 23 November, 2016.