The APPIES APAC 2018 Timeline#APPIES

APPIES APAC is an annual festival of the best marketing ideas in Asia. Held over two days, and organised by the Institute of Advertising Singapore, APPIES APAC recognises and celebrates the most brilliant and inspirational ideas in marketing communications. Only the most outstanding campaigns that have unique marketing success story will go on to ultimately win the APPIES APAC Gold Medals.

The USP of the APPIES APAC is that each of the campaigns is presented LIVE by the brand marketers or campaign creators before a panel of judges and the audience. The APPIES APAC, now in its seventh year, is also a leading knowledge exchange platform as it includes special events like keynote sessions and panel discussions on topics of industry relevance. Attracting participation from top marketers, advertising agencies and partners, APPIES not only showcases the best, but also provides an unparalled opportunity to learn, network and celebrate with the brightest minds in the business.

Your 2-Day Marketing MBA

The fast-paced, no-fluff '4-6-20' format of the APPIES is what makes it distinctive. It ensures that everyone who attends gets the maximum knowledge about marketing strategies across industries and regions in a very efficient and interactive manner. The APPIES is almost like a condensed marketing MBA packed cleverly into a 2-day schedule. Attendees are free to pick which campaign presentations they want to attend based on their industry and interests as various sessions run concurrently and conveniently in separate halls in the same venue over two days.

The '4-6-20' format: Each of the marketing campaigns selected begins with a 4-minute video summarising the campaign, followed by a live 6-minute exposition of the campaign's key highlights by the brand's marketers or campaign creators. After this, comes the stimulating 20-minute Q&A session where the presenters have to field tough questions about their campaigns from the judges and audience members.

By the end of the 2-day event, all participants and audience members gain tangible takeaways from the impressive showcase of award-worthy campaigns and memorable keynote sessions. They leave armed with deeper strategic insights and knowledge about how to apply some of the winning ideas to their own marketing campaigns in the future.

An International Cast of Top Marketing Campaigns

At the APPIES, marketers and advertising professionals demonstrate their 'Show, Share and Sell' skills by presenting and pitching their most memorable marketing campaigns to fellow professionals and judging panels. Their case studies not only facilitate the dynamic exchange of marketing ideas, but also the effective sharing of specific strategies that have clicked in Asia Pacific’s highly diverse markets.

A Jury of the Finest Minds in Marketing

The campaigns chosen to be presented at the APPIES are carefully picked by a selection committee comprising some of the most highly-regarded marketers in the industry today. That’s because APPIES showcases, recognises and celebrates only the best of the best.